Intro Episode


This episode is mostly to establish the feed, but in it you can find out a little bit about us, and what this podcast is, and maybe what to expect, and also some things about the world’s best instrument: the mellotron.





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[00:00:00] >> SIRIUS LAGRANGE: Ladies and gentlefurs and all in between, this is Zoofonix!

[00:00:05] [Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)”] [00:00:25] >> SIRIUS: So welcome to our little show, and uh, well, this is our very special first episode, where we introduce ourselves a little bit and give you an idea what to expect. For the next foreseeable future unless we do a format change.

[00:00:38] >> JAKOB NELSON: Yeah, which, maybe, but —

[00:00:40] >> SIRIUS: That’s the future.

[00:00:42] >> JAKOB: Uh, and we’ll figure it out as it happens. So um, this is Zoofonix, and I am Jakob Nelson. And this is —

[00:00:50] >> SIRIUS: Sirius LaGrange.

[00:00:52] >> JAKOB: [With French accent] LaGrange. [Normal voice] And we’ve both been kicking around furry for like about ten years or so, since like 2007-ish?

[00:00:59] >> SIRIUS: Yeah. Yeah I’d say so.

[00:01:01] >> JAKOB: And in about 2008, like way back when there were still like five hundred furry, like, MySpace knockoffs?

[00:01:08] [Sirius laughs] [00:01:09] >> JAKOB: On one of them I began developing this idea for like, I wanted like a furry 24-hour live-streaming radio station.

[00:01:15] >> JAKOB: And so I started like getting into contact with musicians and learning like radio law and trying to work out like the logistics of having that many DJs, you know, on the clock.

[00:01:26] >> JAKOB: And turns out that was a lot of work. Maybe too ambitious for my blood. So last year, I realized it might work a little bit better as a podcast. To bring like, you know, musicians on, and talk to them about their music, and have them bring a couple tracks that they’re proud of, you know, that we can talk about.

[00:01:47] >> SIRIUS: And I sort of got dragged into this, but that’s okay, it’s a happy dragging.

[00:01:52] >> JAKOB: Yeah, I’m nervous about my ability to host as a single, one person, so I was like, “Hello, boyfriend.”

[00:02:00] >> SIRIUS: “Hello, boyfriend!”

[00:02:02] >> JAKOB: “You’re here now too.”

[00:02:03] >> SIRIUS: [laughs] “Alright, so let me put together my radio voice!”

[00:02:07] >> JAKOB: “Hrrrrr.”

[00:02:09] >> SIRIUS: So yeah, that was kicking around for a long time. And sort of a heads up, the way the format’s gonna work is we do our little intro outro thingamajiggy, where we sort of introduce our artist.

[00:02:21] >> SIRIUS: And then we start talking to our artist and we have them present us four songs, and we discuss the songs before and after. Before, we’ll give them a chance to give a preface for the song and sort of explain like, you know, the background of it.

[00:02:37] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:02:38] >> SIRIUS: And then afterwards we sort of discuss and ask questions about, you know, how it was made, why it was made, in general feelings about it.

[00:02:46] >> SIRIUS: And then after all that we jabber on a little bit about sort of just anything they need to talk about, to plug future projects.

[00:02:53] >> JAKOB: Right.

[00:02:56] >> SIRIUS: And also we allow them to share their social media and other wonderful links so y’all know where to find it.

[00:03:03] >> JAKOB: Yeah. It’s between two to four songs, and we’ve got like, kind of some hard time limits, so like we’re only gonna bring max about like twenty minutes of music. Because there’s also talking and I find that if the music becomes too long, then it becomes weird and hard to kind of switch attention. At least when I’m listening to podcasts I’ve noticed that.

[00:03:21] >> JAKOB: We’re gonna try really hard not to swear in the show, but if the artist brings something that has that, we don’t necessarily want to censor them. So that kind of thing might come up in the song and if that’s the case then we’ll probably put like a little – if it’s a particular kind of graphic or whatever – then we might put a little content warning in front of it.

[00:03:38] >> JAKOB: I don’t expect that to happen very often because furries are aggressively electronic only. But — [Laughs] [00:03:44] >> SIRIUS: [Laughs] [00:03:47] >> JAKOB: You know, just in case, we do have a personal policy in place for that.

[00:03:51] >> SIRIUS: When it comes down to the actual interview, with our wonderful guests, we’ll have a nice, cute little sound effect over top. I don’t know, what do you think, like a squeaker or some sort of mellotron thing —

[00:04:02] >> JAKOB: Oh my god, oh my god. The squeaker is like the furriest thing I can imagine.

[00:04:08] >> SIRIUS: So that’s that. It’s word of law now.

[00:04:10] [Squeaker noise] [00:04:09] >> JAKOB: Yeah, if it’s not like, easy to kind of remove – because I think there will probably be some that like we can probably just pull out and it won’t be a big deal – but if it’s kind of embedded in the middle of a sentence or whatever then we’ll put a little bleep over it. God the squeaker is gonna be —

[00:04:23] >> SIRIUS: A thing.

[00:04:23] >> JAKOB: Yeah. I hate it but we have to do it now I guess. But what we do promise is that it won’t be so loud that it’s painful to hear next to all of the other words, because I’ve noticed that about bleeps. Where often they will be just like, yikes.

[00:04:38] >> SIRIUS: But it’s sort of nice to talk naturally, so to speak.

[00:04:40] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:04:40] >> SIRIUS: Even though, I mean, but it would get very distracting if one of our guests has like a — [squeaker] — a lot of swears inside of them. [Laughs] [00:04:48] >> JAKOB: I have a lot of swears inside of me, but I can do it sometimes, so.

[00:04:51] >> SIRIUS: This is child-friendly mode.

[00:04:53] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:04:54] >> SIRIUS: Also, though, when it comes down to content, generally we sort of let people have their say. We try not to focus on politics at all. Of course, if the song is political in nature, and it’s one of the showcase songs, we might discuss a little bit of it. Otherwise we try not to get, how would you put it, jerks?

[00:05:14] >> JAKOB: Yeah, I would use the word jerks.

[00:05:16] >> SIRIUS: We might get one, who knows, but generally we can be straight up here and say that we are not going to be inviting alt-right sort of types?

[00:05:26] >> JAKOB: Yeah, no, no nazis, none here.

[00:05:28] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, I guess we can use that word. Of course if it turns out we interviewed someone who is terrible, we probably would preface that we didn’t know that, but still keep it up there. Especially since, you know, if we didn’t know during the interview, that’s okay.

[00:05:43] >> JAKOB: Yeah, and we’d feel like it would be weird to pretend that it hadn’t happened. So, what we would do is we’d just put like a – there would be a preface that would go up in the beginning of the interview, and there will be a note in the show notes like, “Hey, if you want to skip this one for these reasons, cool. If you want to listen to it for posterity that’s also cool.” That kind of thing.

[00:06:01] >> SIRIUS: But again like, focusing on the music will be the thing.

[00:06:05] >> JAKOB: Because there’s just so much good stuff in the fandom — [cat meow in background] — that gets kind of glossed over, I feel like. Cause it’s just so actively harder to listen to it, you know, cause like if you’re on FA, for instance, you’ve got to like stay on the page for three minutes, which is not how I use Fur Affinity.

[00:06:20] >> SIRIUS: No, that doesn’t work at all.

[00:06:22] >> JAKOB: You know, and like there’s not a way to search furry musicians on SoundCloud, you know, that’s not like a tag people use. Cause yeah, there’s just so much good stuff, and there’s so much different good stuff than you would think, probably, I feel like. You know, it’s really common to kind of dip your toes into electronic music I think, because it’s a lot more accessible than some of the other types.

[00:06:45] >> JAKOB: But there’s a lot more than just that, and I feel like you’ll get some of the like rock and stuff like up on stage at a convention, but I feel like other than the handful of people who do do live shows at conventions, like, we’re missing out on a lot of good country and post rock and rap that’s, you know, here. We have it. We have it in this community and I would love for other people to know about it.

[00:07:06] >> SIRIUS: You need to know! Cause the more you know…

[00:07:09] >> JAKOB: Yes. So we’re gonna make sure we plug everything back to our artist. They get to talk about whatever their current project is, and their Twitter handles and stuff. And then I’ll have a whole bunch of that in the show notes. I started building the show notes for our first episode and there are five hundred million links.

[00:07:26] >> JAKOB: Cause I will link out to the songs that we played if they’re available on BandCamp and SoundCloud or Spotify, then I will link to all of those places individually for each song. And I will link to all of their individual profiles that I can find or that they tell us about or that I know that we’re allowed to use. Cause there’s a couple of people who have like, real old projects that they don’t – they’re like, “No, please don’t.”

[00:07:46] >> JAKOB: But — [Laughs] — Which I can appreciate.

[00:07:48] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, do not.

[00:07:49] >> JAKOB: So you’ll be able to find all the songs that are played pretty easily from the show notes, and all of their, you know, social media and music site locations, so that we can actually get them the traffic that we would like them to have.

[00:08:01] >> SIRIUS: So. So what we’ve just discussed like, various other aspects, we should maybe, tell our listeners —

[00:08:07] >> JAKOB: Tell our you.

[00:08:09] >> SIRIUS: Who we are, what we do.

[00:08:11] >> JAKOB: I think that when we were first kind of hanging out around furry, we were a little bit more prolific in terms of actually like, releasing — you were releasing music, I think, more regularly at that point. Or at least posting WIPs more regularly.

[00:08:25] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, posting WIPs and song ideas, and also a small failed project with a friend.

[00:08:31] >> JAKOB: And I was posting art non — just always. I wasn’t like quite like a picture a day kind of a dude but real close.

[00:08:39] >> SIRIUS: You got like, commission, you were semi-popular.

[00:08:41] >> JAKOB: Yeah I was, I guess. People will sometimes find my Twitter account and be like, “Oh Occoris? I thought you died!” It’s like, well, okay. I can see that. [Laughs] [00:08:51] >> SIRIUS: He’s not dead.

[00:08:52] >> JAKOB: No I’m not. And I think now we probably both release maybe a song a year. Maybe.

[00:08:58] >> SIRIUS: Yes. That’s pretty much it. We start stuff and it doesn’t get finished, it just stays in WIP forever.

[00:09:05] >> JAKOB: So this podcast will not be one of those things that does that, but that’s kind of our MO.

[00:09:10] >> SIRIUS: Hooray.

[00:09:11] >> JAKOB: So, we come into the conversations with other artists, that are actually making things, with some sort of baseline knowledge of the equipment that they’re using and methods and stuff, and I think Sirius has a little bit more of that than I do. I’m kind of more like a “make up a really complex vocal harmony and maybe there’s a guitar?” kind of person?

[00:09:31] >> SIRIUS: And I started with more edgy types of music, like I would say gothic industrial dance metal is a way to explain my sound sometimes, or just… ooo. Yeah. There are certain tropes involved with anything I try to do and of course, ooo. I’m kind of suffering from – or I don’t know how you could say suffering – but I’m kind of uh —

[00:09:56] >> JAKOB: Living with.

[00:09:57] >> SIRIUS: I’m living with a mellotron fetish. If you don’t know what the mellotron is, well you can look it up, but it’s this really cool like, pre-synthesizer. Like around the time it was invented, the moog and stuff were just new, but it was very, you know, synth-y sounds that you’d hear in commercials and quirky little projects.

[00:10:14] >> SIRIUS: A lot of these pop bands back in the day, and prog rock bands, they needed, you know, strings and horns and stuff but they couldn’t really bring that around touring. So a few bands incorporated this instrument, which has all these little tapes in it, like underneath the keys, you press it down, it plays, it has like an eight second limit.

[00:10:33] >> SIRIUS: And you got like a full orchestra, but it has a sound to it that’s not – it’s a little ethereal – because these are samples from real musicians in the ’60’s, recording like, you know, just one long note —

[00:10:45] >> JAKOB: Right.

[00:10:45] >> SIRIUS: — and then you play that polyphony. And that’s like, “Wow. There’s dead people in my music.”

[00:10:53] >> JAKOB: [Laughs] [00:10:53] >> SIRIUS: Anyway so it’s a very haunting sound, because you’ve got the tape noise, you’ve got the tube amplification, and yeah, it’s a pretty cool thing, so check that out and maybe one of these days when we show off our own music, you’ll hear a bit of that.

[00:11:07] >> SIRIUS: But anyway I have a tendency to somehow shoehorn that into the conversation. I don’t know if there’s really, let’s see, anything more to me right now? Not really. I can sing, I can play guitar, I can play bass. I just, you know, the standard battling depression and stuff like really doesn’t help with being productive but —

[00:11:26] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:11:26] >> SIRIUS: — I’ll happily just- I’m really happy with this whole thing we’re doing here.

[00:11:30] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:11:30] >> SIRIUS: Cause I get to see all this cool stuff and talk to cool people and it’s like going to a convention. “I don’t know you but let’s chat!”

[00:11:38] >> JAKOB: Yeah, and everyone’s music is so great.

[00:11:40] >> SIRIUS: That to be said, we don’t have, so far, a star studded arsenal of artists, but they should be.

[00:11:45] >> JAKOB: Yeah, more people really need to know about a lot of these people. They’re – oh my god so good.

[00:11:49] >> SIRIUS: So, I think we said all that needs to be said.

[00:11:52] >> JAKOB: Just about, I did wanna just kinda add, we’re gonna do our darndest to update just about every two weeks, but there’s a lot of factors that go into that, and one of that is finding artists who are willing to be interviewed, which is – Like, we’ve got a whole bunch of names to contact, but everyone in the fandom has ADD so it can be a little difficult to actually nail down a date.

[00:12:14] >> SIRIUS: And to start, we are going to focus on solo artists —

[00:12:18] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:12:18] >> SIRIUS: — to start, until we can get a feeler out to how we would do multiple people.

[00:12:22] >> JAKOB: Right now we feel like we can probably handle about four people, including us, in a conversation at a time. If it gets much bigger than that, with three or four piece bands, we’re not sure how we’re gonna handle the cross talk or how big the episode might get, so.

[00:12:36] >> SIRIUS: Or we could ask for them to choose one person to rep them, be it the songwriter or one of the musicians who just knows the project.

[00:12:44] >> JAKOB: Yeah. Or one thing I was thinking because a lot of furry bands, all of the musicians will also have solo projects, so I was thinking about just bringing them on as solo episodes, and then maybe they bring a song that they had a particular hand in writing for the band, or they just get to plug the band to be like, “Please check it out,” or something like that. So I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

[00:13:05] >> JAKOB: But the other thing that might kind of get in the way is I do work a full time job, darn near, about like thirty hours a week, and I’m also starting at a quarter university this year, as opposed to like a semester college, which is what I’ve been doing. So like I might drop off the face of the Earth.

[00:13:20] >> SIRIUS: Then I’ll have to fill in if we want to keep our schedule. But for the most part, we’re sort of sharing the editing, but when the time comes for that I’ll do the rest of the editing.

[00:13:29] >> JAKOB: So it should be okay but there’s like a lot of plates in the air, so we’ll see. And if something’s – we’re late a week or we skip a week, you know, it’s probably because of a life reason.

[00:13:39] >> SIRIUS: Alright, so, I guess that pretty much covers it?

[00:13:42] >> JAKOB: Let me pull up a list of most of the places that we are. We do have our website and stuff all set up. When this goes up I’ll also post the RSS links so that you can put it into your podcast catchers. We can’t be on iTunes until we have like three episodes up, I think? And we are going to submit to Spotify but we don’t know how that’s gonna happen.

[00:14:04] >> SIRIUS: It’ll probably take a few more episodes.

[00:14:05] >> JAKOB: Yeah. So in the meantime, we have a SoundCloud, Twitter, Tumblr, a Facebook, and I do have, but have not finished setting up, like a personal account kind of Spotify. And those are all Zoofonix, Z – O – O – F – O – N – I – X. And the website is just, still spelled that same way. And I think that the Spotify is also Zoofonix, spelled like that, but there’s literally nothing there right now.

[00:14:33] >> JAKOB: But what most of those are for, like what the SoundCloud is for and the Spotify is for, will be when our artists that we interview have songs that we play that are on those platforms. We’ll make a little playlist and just stick them in there so you can find them easier. And that’s what those are for, pretty much.

[00:14:49] >> SIRIUS: Yep. Pretty much.

[00:14:50] >> JAKOB: Oh and Tumblr also, I don’t remember if I said Tumblr, but we do also have a Tumblr that is also Zoofonix.

[00:14:55] >> SIRIUS: The tumbles.

[00:14:56] >> JAKOB: Yeah, we got the tumbs.

[00:14:57] >> SIRIUS: So if you do not like one social media, we have other social media! Except for Instagram.

[00:15:02] >> JAKOB: Yeah, I was thinking about maybe an Instagram but I don’t know what I would put there, so.

[00:15:06] >> SIRIUS: What do we put on there? It’s such a visual format.

[00:15:08] >> JAKOB: Yeah, so probably not, but maybe.

[00:15:11] >> SIRIUS: So we won’t keep you much longer, for those who are curious, there is a full version of the theme song. The version with the lyrics doesn’t quite match so we’re going to post the instrumental. Likely that will be our next upload, and then after that, we will be uploading our first official episode.

[00:15:29] >> JAKOB: That one should be up – the first episode – should be up tomorrow, which is August 9th.

[00:15:32] >> SIRIUS: So again, I am Sirius.

[00:15:36] >> JAKOB: And I am Jakob.

[00:15:38] >> SIRIUS: And we —

[00:15:40] >> BOTH: We are Zoofonix.

[00:15:42] >> JAKOB: That worked so well.

[00:15:44] >> SIRIUS: We’ll make it work.

[00:15:45] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:15:45] >> SIRIUS: Alright, goodnight everybody! Have a good afternoon!

[00:15:47] >> JAKOB: A good morning! A good evening! A good mornving.

[00:15:51] >> SIRIUS: Have a good everything.

[Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)”]