When we put out the call for furry musicians who might be interested in helping us test our format, Maru was one of the first people to respond, and we couldn’t be happier about that!

They make really atmospheric mixed-media music and we absolutely loved every second of what they brought for us to listen to.

Here’s where to find them:
Twitter @marufawks
Soundcloud: marutunes
Soundcloud: C Ø R V U S
Bandcamp: C Ø R V U S

The first two tracks, “Open the Gates” and “Stable 207” are currently unreleased, but we will update the show notes with links if and when they are available.

Through the Day of the Night: Bandcamp, Soundcloud
Badlands: Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Something to do with Love: Kickstarter, Steam

Zoofonix can be found in the following locations:
our website
Twitter: @zoofonix
Facebook: zoofonix
tumblr: zoofonix
Spotify: listen, playlists
Soundcloud: zoofonix
email: zoofonix @


[00:00:00] >> SIRIUS LAGRANGE: Ladies and gentlefurs, and all in between, you’re listening to Zoofonix.

[00:00:07] [ Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)” ] [00:00:25] >> SIRIUS: This is our first episode of Zoofonix! Nevermind the very special first episode.

[00:00:32] >> JAKOB NELSON: This one has an interview in it and everything.

[00:00:34] >> SIRIUS: The real deal.

[00:00:35] >> JAKOB: Yeah, with a real cool person, named Maru, who has been kicking around the fandom, I guess for a while.

[00:00:43] And kinda got started sort of in brony, doing some stuff with “Fallout Equestria” kinda landscape.

[00:00:51] They make some, just honestly like amazing kind of atmospheric music that I love a lot.

[00:00:58] >> SIRIUS: After we were given the tracks and stuff to listen to, I was very excited to talk to this guest cause they really – they really know what they’re doing.

[00:01:08] >> JAKOB: Yeah, and they were extremely gracious and we are – we’re gonna say this about five hundred more times in this episode, but we are super thankful to them for being our very first interviewee.

[00:01:20] They were amazing, honestly.

[00:01:23] >> SIRIUS: So without further ado, here is our wonderful Maru!

[00:01:28] [ Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)” ]

[00:01:45] >> MARU: Hi, how’s it going?

[00:01:46] >> JAKOB: Hi!

[00:01:46] >> SIRIUS: Hey!

[00:01:47] >> JAKOB: Alright, so, we mentioned we are on today with Maru.

[00:01:51] >> SIRIUS: Yes, our wonderful first guest, thank you for coming to us.

[00:01:55] >> MARU: Well thanks for having me.

[00:01:56] >> SIRIUS: So tell us about yourself.

[00:01:59] >> MARU: Well, I am a musician, composer, producer.

[00:02:02] Picked up the guitar about twenty years ago, actually, which makes me feel incredibly old.

[00:02:08] But yeah, I’ve been working full time as a server to support myself and I have a little home studio that I have been doing soundtrack music out of for the past two or three years now.

[00:02:19] >> MARU: It’s been going pretty well, I like it a lot.

[00:02:20] >> JAKOB: Nice.

[00:02:22] >> SIRIUS: Good, good.

[00:02:23] >> JAKOB: Okay, and how long have you been kicking around furry?

[00:02:25] >> MARU: Oh, well I think when I was in sixth grade, I read all the Redwall books and started roleplaying with my friends as a fox-person and just kinda forgot to stop.

[00:02:37] >> SIRIUS & JAKOB: [ Laughs ] [00:02:36] >> MARU: So long long time, yeah.

[00:02:39] >> SIRIUS: “Forgot to stop,” I like that.

[00:02:41] >> MARU: Yeah. [ Laughs ] Here we are.

[00:02:44] >> MARU: But yeah, yeah, it’s – and of course you know, everybody’s experience with the furry fandom is different –

[00:02:49] I didn’t always know what the word furry meant, but I always liked animals and, you know, got involved with the fandom, sort of like in 2009, I guess?

[00:02:59] When I got a furry – FurAffinity page and actually made Maru the OC, and it was only a few years ago that I started going to cons, like local events and stuff like that.

[00:03:10] >> MARU: And yeah, it’s been great. I’ve got a bunch of local fur friends, I travel at least two or three times a year to go to cons. But yeah, it’s been really, really fun.

[00:03:18] >> SIRIUS: That’s really cool.

[00:03:20] >> JAKOB: Alright so, I think that we’re going to go ahead and jump right in to the first song, which is called, “Lightbringer – Open The Gates”.

[00:03:26] >> MARU: Yeah, so before I entered the furry fandom proper, I guess, like the local scene, I was a big brony.

[00:03:35] Specifically into this crossover fan fiction called “Fallout Equestria” which was a crossover between My Little Pony and the Fallout series.

[00:03:44] Shouts out to work of fiction, it’s like, longer than the bible. So if you – It’s a good read but it’s very very grim dark and it’s very very long.

[00:03:52] >> MARU: But yeah, I had this idea for a concept album which I got about eighty five percent done before I just completely burned out on it.

[00:03:59] This is the first track off of that. I’ll probably, within the next month or so – so probably around the time this is being released – I’ll have released the skeletons of that, just to finally wash my hands of it, honestly.

[00:04:14] >> JAKOB: Alright, nice.

[00:04:16] >> SIRIUS: Here it is. “Open the Gates”.

[00:04:19] [ Song “Open the Gates” begins ] [00:04:19] >> NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there came an era when the ideals of friendship gave way to greed, selfishness, paranoia, and a jealous reaping of dwindling space and natural resources.

[00:04:33] [ Radio static ] [00:04:34] Lambs took up arms against their neighbors.

[00:04:37] The world was plunged into an abyss of baelfire and dark magic.

[00:04:42] The world was wiped nearly clean of life.

[00:04:45] The Great Cleansing. Mega-spells rained from the skies.

[00:04:49] Entire lands were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans.

[00:04:56] [ Voice lowering in pitch ] A quiet darkness fell across the world.

[00:05:00] But it was not – as some had predicted – the end of the world.

[00:05:06] Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue for another bloody chapter of history.

[00:05:11] [ Radio static ] [00:05:14] In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters known as stables.

[00:05:23] But when they emerged, they only had the hell of the wastes to greet them.

[00:05:28] All except those in Stable 2.

[00:05:30] [ Music plays underneath ] [00:05:31] For on that fateful day when spell-fire rained from the sky, the giant steel doors of Stable 2 swung closed. [ Voice echoes ] [00:05:42] [ Voice becomes very deep. ] And never reopened.

[ Instrumental ] [00:06:43] >> SINGER: I’ve brought you something close to me.

[00:06:51] Blessed with something new.

[00:06:55] Seek the [ ??? ] [00:07:02] You haunt my dreams, nothing to do with belief. Just relief.

[00:07:19] [ Instrumental ] [00:07:59] I’ve brought you something close

[00:08:09] I’ve brought you something

[00:08:18] I’ve brought you something close

[00:08:28] I’ve brought you something close to me

[00:08:38] I’ve brought you something close

[00:08:46] I’ve brought you something close to me

[00:08:57] I’ve brought you something close

[00:09:06] I’ve brought you something close to me

[00:09:13] [ Instrumental ] [00:10:02] [ Song ends ] [00:10:03] >> JAKOB: Okay, so that was long.

[00:10:05] >> MARU: Yes.

[00:10:06] >> JAKOB: [ Laughs ] And I actually recognize the concept right away.

[00:10:11] You gave us a bit of an introduction to it, but I spent like – kind of before the brony fandom got crazy out of control for a minute there —

[00:10:19] >> MARU: Right.

[00:10:21] >> JAKOB: I was really good friends with Mike and he actually introduced me to that – Mike the Microphone – he actually introduced me to this particular concept, like the original fic.

[00:10:31] And I have never read it, but like I, you know, I recognized it immediately, and I was wondering if there was anything in particular about that crossover that drew you to it, or if it was kind of just the size of the world, or…

[00:10:42] >> MARU: Oh gosh. Well the thing about it was, it wasn’t – I mean it started off as just a fanfiction, but I think there were like five major stories that different people wrote – that were considered the big five –

[00:10:53] that were like, developed most of the canon of the extended universe, which was already two different, separate expanded universes of stories.

[00:11:01] >> MARU: So it was kind of a collaborative experience between nerds. And I mean the original Kkat’s Fallout Equestria is my favorite.

[00:11:08] I don’t know, there’s just something about a female protagonist, you know, sort of like the longshot, lonely adventurer that appealed to me.

[00:11:17] >> MARU: I don’t usually go for fiction that’s so violent and grimdark, but I don’t know, ponies kind of evened it all out for me so.

[00:11:26] >> SIRIUS: That seems to do the trick, sometimes even just having something be furry and grimdark, the furry kind of balances it all out because “Oh, fluffy!”

[00:11:33] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah. And there definitely was, I don’t know, there’s a lot of humanity in the story too – little bits of light throughout all the darkness to keep you going – so yeah, I kind of related to the story.

[00:11:43] >> MARU: Yeah, and actually, the next piece that I gave you all was –

[00:11:47] Through my work on “Lightbringer”, my little concept album, I got in touch with a couple different video game producers who were working on a Fallout: New Vegas mod basically to make a Fallout: Equestria version of Fallout, so I did the soundtrack for some of those.

[00:12:04] Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete that project, it was just too much work for zero dollars and I was getting busy with my personal work life and picking up projects that were putting money in my pocket.

[00:12:14] So I had to let some of those go. But the next one that I gave you guys was, I think it was, “Stable 207”?

[00:12:19] >> JAKOB: Yeah, yes.

[00:12:21] >> MARU: Yeah, sort of a progressive little, fun – that piece never was finished, I just had it kind of fade out, but I think it was a really fun take on some background music.

[00:12:31] >> JAKOB: Alright, so that was a beautiful segue, so here is “Stable 207”.

[00:12:34] [ Song “Stable 207” begins ] [ Instrumental only ] [00:15:49] [ Song ends ] [00:15:48] >> JAKOB: This, I was listening to it while I was setting up just now, and it’s extremely good pump up music for getting things ready and just kind of getting stuff done.

[00:15:55] >> MARU: Yeah, that’s definitely the vibe that I was going for.

[00:15:58] >> JAKOB: You killed it.

[00:16:00] >> SIRIUS: Both of the previous tracks, of course have the video game feel because of said project.

[00:16:05] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah, for sure.

[00:16:06] >> SIRIUS: There’s kind of like a nice balance between the harsher digital and then the analogue with the drum, bass, guitar stuff.

[00:16:14] >> MARU: Yeah, thank you, thank you.

[00:16:15] There was something really fun about writing music with the wasteland setting in mind, and the sort of stark juxtaposition between the desert-y wasteland versus the technological, like the stables or the vaults or whatever, where everything is like, you know, high machinery, high sci-fi sort of thing.

[00:16:32] So there was sort of a fun little balance to be found there. Yeah, it was a fun setting.

[00:16:36] >> SIRIUS: It’s good ambience. Just saying that seems to be something that you’re – that you specialize with.

[00:16:42] >> JAKOB: Yeah. there’s a lot of really like sort of powerful and subtle sort of – like the way that the mood shifts, in both of them, I feel like, you can sort of feel a story being told.

[00:16:52] >> MARU: Yeah, that’s something that has always been really important to me in music, is a narrative.

[00:16:56] And you know, especially as a member of the furry fandom, it’s kind of – like visual art has a sort of inherent narrative that you can look at and get right away, you know, sort of information.

[00:17:07] And it’s kind of been hard as a musician to carve a niche in the furry fandom because music doesn’t always have inherent narrative, so soundtrack music has been a really nice way to put context to someone else’s story or my story or, you know, something like that.

[00:17:21] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:17:21] >> SIRIUS: I’ve noticed, going through like, your stuff, it also has an industrial feel to it, which umm, definitely appropriate for the setting.

[00:17:28] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah. And it’s funny the sort of industrial or mechanical aspect of it too, I always like – I mean this might be a little tangential –

[00:17:36] but I always think it’s really interesting the juxtaposition in the furry fandom, especially if you like, go to a con for instance, and you see all these animal people who exist mostly on the internet to you, on their phones most of the time.

[00:17:49] And you’re like, “Hey we’re all here in person” –

[00:17:50] >> SIRIUS: [ Laughs ]

[00:17:51] >> MARU: – but you know, really we’re all just reporting back to our – [ Laughs ] – respective social media.

[00:17:56] But I think it’s almost impossible to imagine – I know the furry fandom existed before the internet did, in a way, but I think the technological aspect of it is something definitely to be celebrated, for sure, because it’s we all get to be with one another, so.

[00:18:10] >> MARU: Yeah, and I’ve definitely drawn influence from all sorts of different music.

[00:18:13] I was doing dark trap music for a long time, almost exclusively, and I was doing a lot of hip hop production, but before that it was acoustic finger style, and you know, it’s all just, I’m sort of a flavor of the week producer. [ Laughs ] [00:18:26] >> SIRIUS: You put up a slap bass solo in there that was great.

[00:18:29] >> MARU: Oh yeah, that took hours and hours. It was one of those things where I wrote it and I knew what I had to play but I knew I couldn’t play it, so I just sat down for, you know, four or five hours – [ Laughs ] [00:18:39] >> SIRIUS: We know that feel.

[00:18:41] >> MARU: Yeah. It’s kind of the fun thing about being a composer and a studio musician mostly is, you know, I’m not on anybody’s clock except for my own, so if I write something that’s too hard, I really have the luxury of time to sit down and figure out how to do it perfectly, rather than waste a bunch of other people’s time.

[00:18:58] >> SIRIUS: So, shall we move onto “Through the Day of the Night”?

[00:19:02] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah, I’d love to. So this piece was – right at the end of my Fallout: Equestria obsession, I picked up a copy of Silent Hill 2 –

[00:19:12] >> SIRIUS: Ooh.

[00:19:13] >> MARU: And really fell in love with that particular universe, even though it was already like eleven years old.

[00:19:17] The soundtrack was done by Akira Yamaoka, who is just an incredible, atmospheric, sort of sonic worldbuilder.

[00:19:24] I really really admire his work, and fell in love with the stuff that he was able to do to create an atmosphere in that game.

[00:19:30] So I – It was actually my first full release – I made a little five track concept EP called “The Silent Sessions”.

[00:19:38] It’s got a little bit of everything in there, but all the tracks except one of them sample from the soundtrack to Silent Hill 2, so that one does have a Silent Hill – I think the song is called “Day of Night”, the one that I sampled originally.

[00:19:50] So I just sort of took the ambient backing pad to that and added drums and bass and vocals and effects and stuff, and I was really pleased with how that one came out.

[00:20:00] >> JAKOB: Alright, so here it is, “Through the Day of the Night”.

[00:20:03] [ Song “Through the Day of the Night” begins ] [ Instrumental ] [00:20:53] >> SINGER: There’s a light shinin’ in the day of night and though it’s bright I can’t find my way.

[00:21:00] And when it’s cast through the lens of the past it makes a shadow that’s just the same.

[00:21:07] I’ve been wanderin’ through the desert on a faceless horse that knows my name.

[00:21:14] But when I ask her if she knows where to go she shakes her head and says ‘It’s all in vain.’

[00:21:33] Through the day of the night

[00:21:48] And as we go, an obstruction down the road was a puzzle made me rack my brain.

[00:21:55] And as I grasped his shot of the glass made me wonder was I even sane?

[00:22:00] [ Backing vocals ] Was I even sane?

[00:22:02] [ Main vocals ] As the pieces come together I began to see an ending to this twisted game.

[00:22:08] But what I saw to my own shock and awe was a reflection of my very pain.

[00:22:14] [ Backing ] My very pain

[00:22:27] [ Main ] Through the day of the night

[00:22:55] Through the day of the night

[00:22:59] [ Instrumental ] [00:23:17] [ Song ends ] [00:23:19] >> JAKOB: Ok so this one is like my favorite, probably, that you sent.

[00:23:21] >> MARU: Yay, cool!

[00:23:22] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, that’s – yeah same.

[00:23:24] >> MARU: It’s one of my favorites too, it’s definitely like – it holds a very special place in my heart.

[00:23:28] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:23:29] >> MARU: It was fun to work with lyrics too, it’s been a – I used to do the singer / songwriter thing and I’d fallen off that quite a bit since I started producing and working inside the box, so to speak, with recording, so this was sort of a return to like, the explicit? Or the spoken word? Whatever, as opposed to just like, musical expression, so yeah it was really fun.

[00:23:52] >> SIRIUS: I got kind of a Trent Reznor-y vibe with your vocals.

[00:23:57] >> MARU: Oh sure, sure, I can see that. Yeah, yeah, I mean, Trent’s another great musician and producer. He’s a guy who likes to wear all the hats, so thank you, I take that as a huge compliment.

[00:24:09] >> SIRIUS: You’re welcome. Oko, you got thoughts?

[00:24:12] >> JAKOB: I don’t have any thoughts other than just how much I loved it. It’s one of those things where like I like it enough that I just don’t have – there’s no other other thoughts about it?

[00:24:19] >> MARU: Sure, sure.

[00:24:20] >> JAKOB: Like I think my notes are all like, I swore a couple times, and then I put I could probably listen to it indefinitely like for at least a week.

[00:24:28] >> MARU: Aww.

[00:24:29] >> JAKOB: Just you know, on a loop, and that’s all my notes, so.

[00:24:32] >> MARU: Couple heart emojis in there.

[00:24:34] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:24:35] >> SIRIUS: One of my notes is, specifically, “I like the bassline.” [ Laughs ] [00:24:39] >> MARU: Oh thank you, yeah.

[00:24:40] >> SIRIUS: I’m just going – just looking through these and like, I have like, in pure capital letters, “AMBIENCE”.

[00:24:47] >> MARU & JAKOB: [ Laugh ] [00:24:48] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah, and that’s, you know, sometimes I feel like that whole project was a little bit cheating because the sample material was just so rich, like, the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack is so good.

[00:24:58] It was just so inspiring, so, you know, there’s not much work you have to do when you start with something that’s already just, sonic gold. [ Laughs ] [00:25:06] >> SIRIUS: [ Laughs ] [00:25:07] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:25:08] >> MARU: But yeah, yeah, it was a really fun project.

[00:25:12] >> JAKOB: Alright, and then, next is “Badlands”.

[00:25:14] >> MARU: Yeah, so “The Badlands” is off a little – I really like five track EPs, so that was my next release. It’s called “Sounds from South Dakota”. It was sort of a fun little experiment.

[00:25:24] Right before I moved out of my parent’s house – where I was living with myself and my little brother, who is five years younger than me, and my parents –

[00:25:32] we went on this road trip to South Dakota where my mother grew up, and we used to vacation there quite a bit when I was younger so, I brought along a field recorder, where I got all of the little sounds that you hear in there.

[00:25:45] The entire album is made up of – Ableton has a really basic stock synthesizer called “Operator”, so I either field recorded all the sounds or synthesized them from scratch within Operator, so it was a really sort of personal project.

[00:25:59] Like, all of the sounds came from me, I feel like, in a way.

[00:26:03] And “The Badlands”, it’s especially emotional to me because the end of that one is just a field recording of my brother and I, like, sitting in silence and listening to the wind together.

[00:26:15] Then every time I hear it I choke up a little bit just because –

[00:26:18] >> SIRIUS: Aww.

[00:26:18] >> MARU: – the album is dedicated to him, he’s my best buddy, so. Yeah, it was kind of a fun thing to release under the Maru name.

[00:26:25] I hope to have a lot of different types of music, once I get myself organized and everything up and running, but I’m pretty happy with how the first project went.

[00:26:35] >> SIRIUS: Excellent, now, let’s give it a listen!

[00:26:39] [ Song “The Badlands” begins ] [Instrumental only ] [00:30:17] [ Song ends ] [00:30:18] >> SIRIUS: So that was “Badlands”. Wow.

[00:30:22] >> JAKOB: One of my notes that I have for that one is it just kind of sounds like, top down, driving at twilight music.

[00:30:28] >> SIRIUS: Like that, the fadeout, like, that was really nice.

[00:30:32] >> MARU: Yeah, thank you.

[00:30:33] >> SIRIUS: That worked out really well.

[00:30:34] >> MARU: There definitely was a lot of driving at night during that vacation, so I’m glad that came across. A lot of it was sitting in the backseat of a car with my little bro, hanging out.

[00:30:45] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:30:46] >> SIRIUS: There was definitely also like a good mix of the old and the new – a little bit of a sense of decay.

[00:30:51] >> MARU: I feel like I should give my buddy, Robot Love, a shoutout, he is a minimal house producer who writes a lot of music, and a lot of the style on that song in particular, but pretty much that whole album was inspired by his process.

[00:31:03] He was kind enough to sit down in a Skype call with me for like five hours one day and just show me, start to finish, was he does with field recording and how he makes synthesized music, so a lot of it is definitely inspired – and like, a lot of his stuff is very minimal, futuristic sounding, and very modern like that so yeah.

[00:31:21] Sorry to plug another [ Laughs ] musician on the podcast.

[00:31:23] >> SIRIUS: Oh no, that’s perfectly fine. We’re probably going to do more of that too.

[00:31:28] >> MARU: Sure, sure.

[00:31:29] >> SIRIUS: Eventually, whenever we… Like, I don’t know, just looking at my notes – a thing I noticed was a fair amount of tape noise, and that’s usually something I’m a big fan of.

[00:31:37] >> MARU: Mhmm, yeah, just noise in general, I really – while I was on that vacation there were so many beautiful sounds and I wanted to put a frame around them in a way that was like, meaningful to other people,

[00:31:51] you know, that could stand to listen to not just the sounds of wind or the sounds of me walking, but also, I didn’t want to distract from them too much, so a lot of the noisiness in that album is just me trying to pay tribute to the [ Laughs ] environment and stuff.

[00:32:07] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, that’s, that’s definitely what I felt.

[00:32:11] >> MARU: Can I have a sec to plug the project that I’m working on?

[00:32:14] >> SIRIUS: Of course, of course.

[00:32:15] >> MARU: Cool, so, currently I am doing the soundtrack for a furry dating sim sort of slice of life game. It’s sort of a dating sim but I feel like the term dating sim has a really niche –

[00:32:27] >> JAKOB: Very specific connotation.

[00:32:29] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah. This game – and I know Kabangeh wants it to be playable aromantically also.

[00:32:36] You don’t really have to have a love interest to play the game and gain meaning from it.

[00:32:39] The game is called “Something to do With Love”. It’s available, there’s a demo up on Steam currently.

[00:32:44] I’ll throw a content warning on it, there are adult themes and there’s sexual content in the game, around the level of a R-rated movie, so if you’re upset by that, please don’t play it.

[00:32:58] >> SIRIUS & JAKOB: [ Laugh ] [00:32:59] >> MARU: But really, that sort of thing isn’t necessarily like, the goal of the game or anything, like other dating sims or whatever. It’s a lot of fun.

[00:33:06] The setting is a throwback to the early ’90s, when nobody had a cellphone, or if you did it was a flip-phone, and people would actually go to parties to meet people, or go to the coffee shop to meet people.

[00:33:18] And Kabangeh has a really cool vision for that project, and it’s been really fun to try to see where his vision and my vision meet in the middle. It’s really jazzy, sort of bossanova inspired.

[00:33:31] >> SIRIUS: Ooh, nice.

[00:33:33] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:33:33] >> MARU: Yeah.

[00:33:35] >> SIRIUS: That sounds like something I might check out. [ Laughs ] [00:33:36] >> JAKOB: Yeah.

[00:33:37] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah. Hopefully, I’m thinking it will drop next winter. The release date is a little tentative but there definitely will be a soundtrack available.

[00:33:45] There was also a Kickstarter which is, it got funded, but you can still go and check out the information, it’s just Kickstarter “Something to do With Love”. It’s a good time.

[00:33:53] >> JAKOB: Nice.

[00:33:53] >> SIRIUS: Nice.

[00:33:55] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, so we’ll make sure that we put your links on our page.

[00:34:00] >> MARU: Yeah, yeah, and if you’re listening out there, I am @marufawks on Twitter, fawks spelled F-A-W-K-S. Sorry.

[00:34:06] >> JAKOB: [ Laughs ] [00:34:08] >> MARU: And on SoundCloud you can find me at There’s a link to – I have like twenty SoundCloud pages, I have links to them.

[00:34:16] >> SIRIUS: [ Laughs ] [00:34:17] >> MARU: All over my other SoundCloud. So if you’re looking to spend some time in a web of music, all you have to do is start there, and start clicking.

[00:34:23] >> JAKOB: Alright, beautiful.

[00:34:25] >> MARU: Yeah, thanks for listening, everybody.

[00:34:26] >> SIRIUS: Excellent.

[00:34:27] >> JAKOB: Yeah, thank you for coming on and being our very first guinea pig on our show –

[00:34:34] >> SIRIUS: Guinea fox.

[00:34:36] >> JAKOB: [ Laughs ] Guinea fox, that’s right.

[00:34:37] >> MARU: It was my pleasure guys, thank you.

[00:34:38] [ Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)” ]

[00:34:55] >> JAKOB: So alright, that was Maru and – Oh my god. I know we did a little bit of this at the beginning, but y’all, I love that music so much, and Maru was so great, and –

[00:35:09] >> SIRIUS: And I was pleasantly surprised!

[00:35:10] >> JAKOB: Yeah! And so kind, and – anyway. Thank you again for being on our dang show, it really means a lot to us while we figure this out.

[00:35:23] >> SIRIUS: Yeah, being like, sort of at the beginning process of things, everything is just, like, nerve-wracking.

[00:35:29] >> JAKOB: Yeah, and finding people, and getting people to come on when we don’t have any examples and no one knows us because we’ve been off the whole face of the earth for so long, you know, it’s a lot, but Maru was great, but we’re so happy that they approached us when we put out, kind of, our feelers, so.

[00:35:45] >> SIRIUS: And we were very proud to present them!

[00:35:47] >> JAKOB: Yeah, I don’t think we could have picked a better first person to talk to if we had tried. So, let me run through – Actually before that.

[00:35:58] So we’re going to have all of their links, and then a couple of other links that they didn’t mention, up on show notes, which you should be able to see from most podcatchers, but if you need to go find them, you can go to our website, which is, Z-O-O-F-O-N-I-X, and the show notes will be there, and you can just search for the name Maru and they should come up.

[00:36:23] >> SIRIUS: Yeah.

[00:36:24] >> JAKOB: Yeah. So that’s where all their links will be and a lot of our links are also there, but here they are at the end of this. Right now. So we keep a SoundCloud, the geonode is, we use that same spelling everywhere.

[00:36:40] >> SIRIUS: [ Singsong ] Zoofonix.

[00:36:41] >> JAKOB: If there is anywhere where we do not use that spelling I will let you know, but we also keep a Twitter, a Tumblr, and a Facebook, and our email is, so if you’re an artist who wants to ask about being on here, or you know, you have someone you want us to go look at, you can get into contact with us most of those places.

[00:37:03] I keep up on the Twitter pretty regularly, and the Tumblr is a sub-blog, so I’m on there all the time also, so I will see anything that pops up, and the same is true of Facebook, but I don’t check the email very regularly yet because this is the first episode and no one has ever used it so [ Laughs ] [00:37:22] >> SIRIUS: There it is!

[00:37:23] >> JAKOB: There it is! There’s the beans!

[00:37:25] >> SIRIUS: Alright, well, we had fun, so. Goodnight, good morning, good evening, have a good everything.

[00:37:32] [ Theme music: “Ode an die Freude (Instrumental)” ]