We’re just a couple of boys who like music, and think that not quite enough people know about the stuff being made by members of the fandom (including us! We’re finding new people every day!)

So here it is, delivered directly into your earholes twice a month: 2-4 songs by furry musicians, and a short chat with the artist about each song played!


Jakob is a student, artist, writer, and sometimes-musician. He’s been in the fandom since 2007 or so. If you were around in 2009 you MIGHT remember when he thought he was going to be able to make ZooFonix a 24 hour streaming radio station. Turns out the logistics on that were a little too much for him, but luckily podcasts exist.

Jakob hosts the podcast, manages most of the social media, and really loves it when people make things.


Sirius has ALSO been in the fandom since 2007 or so. He makes music, writes, is fairly active in Manitoba's furry community, and is working on his certificate as a flight dispatcher.

Sirius co-hosts and mixes the podcast, and he wants to talk about the Mellotron with you.