Hey! Do you know a music you think we should hear? Let us know!

You can reach us in a number of ways depending entirely on what’s comfortable and convenient for you!

email: zoofonix @

twitter: @zoofonix

facebook: zoofonix

tumblr: zoofonix

We have some guidelines for what we’re looking for in an artist and what we want them to bring, so please keep these in mind before you get in touch!

  1. Artist needs to have at least one release that they feel comfortable calling “an album.” This is mostly because we would like to have something people can find and maybe buy to help support the artists we feature.
  2. The artist will need to bring 2-4 songs that they are proud of and are comfortable and able to talk about. We don’t necessarily want to hear their most popular work- we would much rather talk about what makes a song personal or special or what really makes an artist feel proud of a particular track. If forced to choose between a popular track and one that the artist put a lot of themselves into and wished more people heard, we’ll pick that second one every time.
  3. We do have some song number and time limits, which are roughly as follows. An artist should bring 2-4 songs, which should be no more than 6 minutes in length. We’re aiming for about 15 minutes of music per episode, the tracks brought should add up to no fewer than 10 minutes and no more than 20 minutes.
  4. We don’t have any very hard rules about music content yet, though this is likely to change as we go. Anything with graphic, violent, or sexually explicit lyrics will be taken on a case by case basis, and we intend to add content warnings when applicable. We try to keep the “cussing levels” during the interviews below the f-word.
  5. We’re pretty tolerant of political differences and won’t deny someone an interview based on differing worldviews, but we absolutely cannot abide Nazis, Alt-Right, TERFs, or any other affiliated group, and will not conduct an interview with anyone who is accurately described as such.
  6. All that in mind, we don’t bite! If you read all that and you’re still interested, please hit us up. We’re looking forward to hearing from you :3!